Saturday, February 11, 2012

About our adorable son Kado!

Kado will be 4 yrs. old on March 7th.  We have had him since he was a pup.  Kado has had a rough couple yrs. and still has been a trooper.  We have moved around a lot and he's had to change environments so much. We recently got a house and he couldn't be happier.  As soon as we moved in he immediately adapted to our new place.  I was so worried that he wouldn't like it and that it would give him more anxiety but I was totally wrong!  My fiance Michael and I have a 3 yr. old adorable little girl and everyone wants to make comments like "I can't believe you guys have a Pitbull with a little kid", "You guys need to get rid of that dog, that's just asking for trouble", and so on and so forth.  They couldn't of been more wrong.  These two are best friends!  They even sleep together and when I get better at this whole blog thing I will post pictures I have of them sleeping together.  It's the cutest thing in the world.  He has so much patience with her it's unreal.  We got Kado when I was about 5-6 months pregnant with Ky, just so we would have the time with him to kind of get him use to little kids.  It's all about how you raise and introduce them to things.  She can seriously lay on him while he's asleep or pull his ears or tail and he won't even budge!  Kado used to be a very high strung dog and it took a lot of energy to keep up with him!  But since we moved into our own home and it's just our family he has calmed down soooo much it's crazy!  You could never keep this dog in a cage.  Didn't matter what you did he would get out of it.  We had to have 7 padlocks and 45lb. wgts. in front of the door to keep him in the cage while we lived with Michael's parents.  And when he did get out everything in that room was getting shredded!  Now he doesn't even attempt to get out of his cage while we are away from the house.  He hasn't even tried one time!  I was totally amazed the difference it made for him to be in his own home with his own family.  It's like it healed his anxiety literally!  We are just One Big Happy Family now and no matter what anyone ever says about Pitbulls I will fight with them until I'm blue in the face just to stick up for this breed!!! They deserve it for all the shit they get put thru on a daily basis and the discrimination they have against them. 


  1. Happy first post! Cant wait to keep reading about ur fur and human family in the new house. And I get to be the first follower, woohoo! :)

  2. We wuvs u too *tail wags from the pooches* hehe